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John's Story



Hello  I'm John, married , with 2 grown up daughters and 3 grandchildren - Jemima (5), Suki (3) and Ted (2 years and 9 months). Ted lives with us with his mum and has done so for nearly a year.  I am telling you this so that you can see where I am coming from. In Februarty 2017 I reached the age of 70. I have never been in hospital, keep fit,  run marathons, swim fregularly, maintain an allotment, keep busy in the local community and I still referee men's football matches as a county standard referee. I have never smoked, am tee total, have a healthy diet and attend church regularly.


In  mid April I noticed that my urine appeared to be like rusty water. I was somewhat bemused by this and shared my feelings with my wife. She insisted I went straight to the GP. I expected some antibiotics but instead was surprised to be referred direct to Southmead Hospital, in Bristol for further tests.


I was found to have a cancer about an inch big that could be removed, however it was found to be aggressive, although fortunately it only affected the bladder lining.


A futher two small aggressive spots were found to be present and I am now having a course of BCG treatment direct into the bladder.


I have done as much as I could to help myself and consulted a nutritionalist who has made some changes to my diet and has given me a variety of supplements to boost my immune system. This was done in an effort to improve my recovery and ward off further problems.

I have been very positive in my outlook although have tried to maintain some realism and perhaps have never really believed the serious nature of this disease. However, I won't know for sure until futher tests are carried out in a couple of months.

Adopting an holistic approach has helped me considerably especially attending the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre.

I guess deep down I maybe somewhat fearful especially as my older sister recently died of ovarian cancer. However, just as when I referee, I try not to show any fear and I maintain the same outlook in my life. As it was said - never take council of your fears!

My overall initial reaction was of shock and disbelief, but I feel really well, am extremely grateful for the excellent treatment I have received and have a positive attitude and outlook on life. I am going to beat this!!