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Barnstaple Bladder Cancer Support Group

A new Bladder Cancer support group has been set up at North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple.



This new group is for any patient who has received a Bladder Cancer diagnosis and their partner/carer and families. It doesn't matter how far down the line you are, whether you have just been diagnosed of if you are an old hand who was diagnosed several years ago and had masses of treatment and tests etc.                                    

                                                          EVERYONE is welcome.


                               There is no charge and refreshments will be provided.


Bladder  Cancer is one of the forgotten cancers with over 10,000 new diagosis each year. It sounds frightening when you are first told, but it needn't be. If the diagnosis is early enough the prognosis can be very good. Many people who have joined the support groups were diagnosed many years ago and are still going strong.


So come along and join with like minded people and travel on the journey together.

There is hope, there is support, there is fellowship, there is information.

So - Be a Winner with us!!!


Meetings will be held Bi-Monthly on the third Thursday of every other month -  2.30pm - 4.30pm

Details below. Meetings are held in the Henry Williamson Room, Level 2, Barnstaple Library, Tuly St,     Barnstaple.


                  Dates for 2020 are:

                                                     Thursday 20th February

                                                     Thursday 16th April

                                                     Thursday 18th June

                                                     Thursday 17th September

                                                     Thursday 19th November      


We hope that Meetings from the 16th April onwards will be held in the new Health & Wellbeing Centre. Watch this space for futher details.                                










                                          Just come along and be with us


                 Futher information can be obtained from:

                                              Ansu Manoj, Urology CNS Team Leader

                                              Seamoor Unit Corridor,

                                              North Devon District Hospital, Barstaple,




                                                    E.Mail:  a.manoj1@nhs.net