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Wessex Bladder Cancer Support is the home of Bladder Cancer Support groups in the Wessex area. On this site you will find help and advice about your diagnosis, the treatments and living with the disease. There are also pages devoted to each support group with details of their meetings, venues and times and forthcoming events.


Bladder Cancer is one of the most common cancers of the 20 main types of cancer diagnosed each year in the UK.



It is the 5th most common cancer diagnosed in men in the UK



Sadly, diagnosis can often be late, particularly in women.



Over 10,000 people in the UK are diagnosed each year & 500,000 worldwide.



It has the highest recurrence rate of any known cancer - up to 80%



The most common early symptoms are blood in the urine, frequency of going to the loo and pain whilst peeing.



Bladder Cancer can be fatal if not treated.



If diagnosed early, it is eminently treatable, and the 5 and 10 year survival rates can be very high



If you have any early symptoms - DONT wait - go and see your GP. It could be the most important appointment you ever make and could save your life.




WessexBCS, together with Urology Consultants from Bristol Urology, Urology CNS's, Stoma teams and The University of the West of England are embarking on a project to produce a series of videos about Bladder Cancer, diagnosis, treatments, follow up and living beyond. We hope these will be launched on YouTube and available in DVD in the autumn.


For details on the 'Buddy Pack' and how to get your copy see the web links page


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The videos are now available. Send an email to us (see web links page for details for your own copy) or visit Youtube and search - wessex bladder cancer support


1st September 2019


This web site has been designed and written by Bladder Cancer patients, their partners/carers and the clinicians treating them. It is intended to be an aid to patients to give them a greater understanding of their disease, and to give them support. Any information given in this site is the opinion of its author and NOT the medical profession at large. It is important to remember we, as patients can give support but it is the Doctors who give the medical diagnosis, treatment, treatment advice and prognosis.

                      The hosting of this web site is sponsored by Action BladderCancerUK.org



A new group is starting at Salisbury in Wiltshire. Date of first meeting at Salisbury District Hospital to be announced

See Support Groups Page and follow the links for details.


Another new group is being planned in Bournemouth & Poole to be based at

The Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Details and 1st meeting plans will be available soon




Look out at your local hospital for any special events displays being sponsored by the local Bladder Cancer Support group